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    Play backgammon online with your friends at the best online backgammon game Greedygammon. Play backgammon against the computer or play multiplayer online backgammon with real opponents. Unlike games like Yahoo backgammon or MSN backgammon, Greedygammon offers features that are must have for serious backgammon players. Backgammon analysis with gnubg, fast checker play interface with single click moves. No clumsy drag and drop. Auto play for no contact races and bearoff. Auto play forced moves off the bar. ownload Greedygammon for the best online backgammon experience. Play against a world class computer program or invite your friends and play with real people. Greedygammon Backgammon is the latest offering from the makers of FIBZILLA and 3DFIBS. Enjoy improved functionality over the FIBS based clients. Backgammon is a fun game and GreedyGammon presents it to you in a quality program worthy of the wonderful game of backgammon.

    GreedyGammon  free backgammon download

    Download greedygammon for a real fun backgammon experience online

    Detailed step by step instructions how to install GreedyGammon with screenshots is in the forum click here GreedyGammon does not run in your browser. You must download and install it on your PC. (Thats how we did it back in the day)