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Welcome friends of GreedyGammon

Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:15 am

Hi from the author of GreedyGammon,

GreedyGammon is a MS Windows (Win-XP-7/10) backgammon game that has been around for about 20 years, under various different names.
It started out as a FIBS client (3DFiBs/FiBZilla). It then morphed into its own client server configuration as GreedyGammon.
And now once again evolved into a peer to peer type game that does not require a central server to connect and play.

How to setup your computer to play remote games with your friends, is covered in detail here

GreedyGAmmon does not run on Mac, it does not have an iPhone or Android app.
It is an old fashioned Windows Desktop program that you download and install.
Users have reported that it runs on Windows 7 and 10.
It looks good on 1440 or 1920 wide monitor screens. It runs full screen (right click the x to minimize it)

If you are running earlier versions of Windows, it is probably time to upgrade.

Some of the features you will enjoy with GreedyGammon
- a gnubg based bot to play against
- Multi language support in case English is not on your tongue.
- gnubg sgf analysis file is processed in the background when your match is over
when the processing is finished a single click will load up the analyzed match in gnubg for review
-gameplay enhancements like auto race on broken contact, greedy bearoff forced move off the bar
bot resigns when the chance to win is lost.
- disconnect resume feature added recently for player vs player games
- Setup the server mode and play with your friends from all over the world anytime.

-Also, for beginners who are discouraged by losing to the strong computer opponent, GreedyGammon can give you a boost with some lucky rolls to help you along while you learn the game. It is explained here -> viewtopic.php?f=25&t=264

GreedyGammon is FREE :D !

Why is it free? :roll:
Is there a catch?
Are there ads?
Will it spy on me while im watching porn or checking my bank ?

NO! :D , none of that.. it is just free.

GreedyGammon is written in MS VB6. It is an old and by now obsolete language but still has many users who enjoy writing VB6 code.

Mike Rudman: C to VB gnubg.dll (thanks Mike wherever u are)
"LaVolpe": AlphaImg.ocx Image png support for VB6
Juan Pancho: Blender board 3D design
So many great online VB6 resources with examples to do anything and everything
Thanks to everyone who encouraged and gave feedback to the project

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Download GreedyGammon Backgammon

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Re: Welcome friends of GreedyGammon

Sat May 25, 2019 7:10 pm

A default connection has been implemented into GreedyGammon (server tetraHydro)
You can connect to it (preferences=>Connections=>Connect as Client) and play a player vs player game either with your friends or if I happen to be around, I will play a 3 or 5 pt match with anyone beginner or advanced.

Reminder that GreedyGammon has been configured to be a private server for anyone to setup as server and invite their friends to play.
This tetraHydro connection gives you an example of how such a setup could work.

Ok, so I got tired of waiting for someone to connect to server tetraHydro :D and it now will auto connect any client that is open.
If you find it annoying and you only play the bot, you can disable this behavior from preferences. Click "disable default connection" in the options tab
Download GreedyGammon, free backgammon game right here ... taller.exe

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