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Hi from the developer of GreedyGammon

username: tetraHydro
rating: 1750-1850
country: USA
server URL: default greedygammon server

I invite anyone who is rated 1700+ on GreedyGammon to connect to the default server and play me "tetraHydro"

If the little yellow label is showing "connection" open preferences connection tab and connect to the available server
It will be yellow when the server is available or red when offline and green when user is connected

Any questions about GreedyGammon, how to connect, how to configure your machine to run as server, or anything else, post here in the forum or email support(at)

It is easy to reach 1700 on GreedyGammon since the default "enhanced dice" feature will have any intermed to advanced player zoom up to 1650 ratings ladder in a few days. After 1650 you have random dice and winning streaks will vanish :shock:

Personal details - I am of the "baby boomer" generation. I was born in Asmara Eritrea but lived most of my life here in America. I discovered backgammon around 1997-2000. Spent most of my online bg time at FIBS username tucsonAZ which was where i was living at that time. I had developed a fibs client (3dfibs) which turned into fibzilla and that morphed into GreedyGammon (not a fibs client) I am not a professional programmer. I only did it as a hobby and mainly because i really liked backgammon but could not find any nice software to play on. So as the saying goes, if you want it done right you gotta do it yourself :D

GreedyGammon is enjoyed by users from all over the world (most popular in Iran and Turkey where BG was invented thousands of years ago) )


cheers :D
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Re: Hi from the developer of GreedyGammon

To make the list of user IP with city, country, I downloaded the raw log data from amazon cloud S3 storage using Amazon "Athena" for hits on the file "version.txt" which GreedyGammon reads every time it starts. I then run the downloaded CSV file through a little utility program I wrote to remove duplicate IP numbers, count them and call "" which returns the IP city country which i save into a file and upload to google docs spreadsheet which can sort and display them imbedded into an html page.

Amazon S3 storage is reliable and cheap (I only pay $1 and change/month for GreedyGammon installer files storage and some static sites i used to host there) but you have to jump through hoops and create database, write SQL query, and configure obscure settings to see any stats. Its not user friendly.
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