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Override auto move by the game

I'm new to the game. I'm on the bar. The game rolls me a 3 & 1. 3 is available & 1 has the games single checker. I select the checker on the bar and the game puts me in the 3 spot, but I want to take the players checker in the 1st spot. How can I override the auto placement the game imposes on me? I can't anything in the help section and don't know what I'm looking for in the help screens.

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Re: Override auto move by the game

This is a common question and is covered in the FAQ and in the quick help page from within the game

http://www.greedygammon.com/support/vie ... f=25&t=147

How do I move the small number on the dice first?
Click the alternate mouse button to move the small number first
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